Two Organizations helping to Save and Protect Animals!

See what these 2 organizations are doing to help save and protect animals abroad!

IAR- International Animal Rescue– provides aid of the suffering animals with hands-on rescue. IAR helps return animals to their natural habitat, and provides sanctuaries for animals that can no longer survive in the wild. IAR also is a big partner with other organizations and government departments who work together to develop sound legislation to protect animals.

SPANASociety for the Protection of Animals Abroad provides free veterinary care, emergency response to animals in foreign countries and helps the families that are dependent on these animals. SPANA also provides educational programs in schools to give children a better understanding of the welfare of animals and the protection of the the environment!

Help Save Australia’s ecosystems!

Several areas in Australia have seen dramatic declines of species and natural resources. These areas continue to struggle and need your help to revive and protect Australia’s beautiful wildlife and environment!

Many organizations are dedicated to conserving and protecting Australia’s biodiversity. These organizations work with local communities and government to advocate change and effective conservation policy.  As population continues to rapidly grow, and resources become more scare; Australia’s natural ecosystems are destroyed.

Australia is home to the world’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef  is longer then the United States West Coast with 1,500 fish species, and 215 species of birds. It is home to 10% of world fish species and contributes to $5.8 billion annually to the Australian economy. Unfortunately, this popular destination is being destroyed by climate change and human activities. We need your help in saving The Great Barrier Reef and other of Australia’s biodiversity.

Help Australia protect, preserve and conserve Australian native ecosystems! You can Help!

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